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FREELANCE MARKETING is one of the leading freelancing websites bridging the gap between small business & marketing planners, employer & freelancer, experienced employees & qualified employees in varied industries. Market analysis, Strategy Development & Marketing Communication is all about freelance marketing. You can seek booth part-time & full-time contracts as well as consulting opportunities that nature your talent further. The leading freelancing websites bridging the gap between employer & freelancer to outsource your work. 

A to Z Marketing Strategies @ Receive Marketing Tips from Freelance Marketing

 I have started my career in Electronic Security Sector & gained much experience in Security product selling, Client Handling, advertising campaigns, sales analysis, promotional materials inventory, trade shows, maintaining databases, Team leading etc. Gradually I divert my career towards pure marketing like Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Add/Blog posting, e-Commerce admin penal Handling, Exhibition/Expo, Branding, New Product Development, Research & Strategy, Web content writing etc.) on Electronic Security Sector & e-Commerce Sector.

A to Z Marketing Strategies @ Receive Marketing Tips from Freelance Marketing

To turning the theory into reality using varied experience, I set up FREELANCE MARKETING , which has given me an appreciation for the challenges faced by smaller business. When clients ask for help with ‘marketing,’ I ask them to define what they really mean. Often they list ‘brochures’, ‘advertising’ and ‘PR’, the promotional and communications side of marketing. Most of the small business copy the technology & process which has been followed by multinational companies & invest huge money in market without in market research.  While FREELANCE MARKETING can certainly meet these needs, where we really add value to your marketing activity is by helping you to strip right back to basics and question what makes your company different from the rest –  ‘Unique Selling Point’ or USP.

A to Z Marketing Strategies @ Receive Marketing Tips from Freelance Marketing

FREELANCE MARKETING’s main concern to set up “India’s online work place” for freelancers who have talent, willingness to work as a freelancer. It is a platform for such people who are unemployed in INDIA but have specific talent. Our motto is to make INDIA free from unemployment. Everybody have the capability to earn not only for bred & butter, but also for a stable luxurious lifestyle. So kick start your work-at home career by signing up at FREELANCE MARKETINGa helping hand of Govt. of INDIA”.


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